Have you ever been on social media or reading a news article online and gotten sucked into the newest things that they’re claiming you NEED for your vehicle? Oh, that was just me? Well, I got sucked in and I wanted to list some of the things I found while going down the rabbit hole that are cool gadgets and great gifts to get yourself or the person in your life who really, really, really loves their vehicle.

Cars are our thing around here at Dr. Automotive, so it’s no surprise I would see advertisements online for car gadgets and other car and automotive related topics — but the gadgets are by far some of my favorite advertisements I’ve seen. Us boys from Smyrna, we didn’t even know we needed some of these high tech gadgets but we’re sure glad that the internet let us know they exist! Check out our list and let us know what some of your favorite modern day technology is in your vehicle.

Number one on our list, not because it’s our favorite but because it was what we wrote down first, is the ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum.

Your car will be clean as a whistle using this little vacuum from ThisWorx. You can skip that professional detail or at least go longer between visits with this handy little guy. Especially when you don’t want to get out the large shop vac, this little guy can stay in the car and even work off your cigarette lighter – if you still have one! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZY896ZM

Number two on our list because we are already on the topic of cleaning your car, is a spill-proof car trash can — I know we used to just call that a Walmart bag but these things are actually pretty nice. There are a ton online but we picked out this spill-proof one to feature here.

This spill-proof car trash can hangs from the back of a head rest or door and you’ve got a handy spot to dispose of trash while on the road. This would especially be great in the back seat for kids https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079CY4TY3

Speaking of kids — that brings us to number three on our gadget lists. The Wacaco Minipresso GR: Portable Espresso Machine. Wake up moms and dads you heard me right – a portable espresso machine for your car. You didn’t even know you needed that until this moment, did you?  Well it’s a real thing.

This small travel sized coffee maker doesn’t just look amazing, it is amazing. You can take your favorite brew on the go with you — we can’t even do it justice here so go check it out (after you finish reading this blog of course). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VTA9F6U

This may be the fact that we are auto mechanics, but we think this is pretty cool, let us state we haven’t tried this little guy BUT if it can deliver on what it says — this could be a great tool to keep in your car. The FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool & Code Reader.

This guy says he can calibrate any issues with your car and works out a solution. The sensor itself is small and compact and works with your smartphone to read data. Sounds pretty cool, right? We think so too! When something happens to your vehicle and you call us, your neighborhood Smyrna Auto Mechanic — you can give us detailed information on what codes are being thrown and we can give you a more detailed idea on service. We think that’s pretty cool. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013RIQMEO

Okay we wanted to do two more but we’ll keep it a solid five items on this list, maybe we will do another list in six months when everything has improved and evolved with our lightspeed technology here in 2020 but our last item for this list is going to be…

The TOGUARD backup Camera: 7” Mirror Dash Cam

We know – most new cars have back up cameras already — true they do. But this guy is awesome for someone who has an older vehicle or if their vehicle didn’t come with a back up camera. We have a lot of local Smyrna customers that have a great vehicle – they service them by the book and have no desire to buy a brand-new vehicle, but would love to have the feature of a back up cam and this is a great option for folks like that. Check out this awesome little gadget here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DGS11CM

Well, there you have it – your local Smyrna Auto Mechanic guide to fun new gadgets on Amazon for your vehicle. We know we probably missed something even better than these, so if you know of a cool new gadget or something you can’t live without, send us a message on facebook or tag us in a post with the #DrAutomotive