Is your car running poorly? Or is your “check engine” light on? Have you been told that your auto software needs to be updated?

Let’s face it…the computer age is the here and now in virtually everything, especially the automobile. Cars today have multiple control units that govern everything from engine and transmission functions to windshield wiper operation. Like it or not, we have to deal with it. Because the family truckster is now so integrated, it can quickly become the family trickster should something go askew. As vehicles have become more advanced in their integration, so too has the repair industry. Reprogramming and an understanding of the intricacies of the operation of modern automobiles are a vital cog in the auto repair world today. Downloads and updates are commonplace as vehicles age and engineers discover a “better way” to govern the operation of the automobile. With that in mind, we must understand that sometimes it is not the mechanical piece that fails but rather the commanding voice that has caused the problem.

Updates and reprograms may not always be as labor intensive as turning the wrenches to replace that leaking intake gasket, but they can still be time consuming and costly. The equipment and software prices can vary depending on the make and model of the automobile and getting the vehicle to accept the new data can at times be challenging. Most new control units must be “flashed” in some sort of way when initially installed as well. These procedures used to be restricted primarily to the auto manufacturer, but recently information and data have become available to the entire repair world. So if the “wheels” just aren’t performing like they used too, don’t necessarily chalk it up to mechanical type failures. At DR buy lexapro online. Automotive we have the capabilities to determine your needs and perform these reprogramming functions on most makes and models.