Even though our winters here in Middle Tennessee tend to fall on the mild side, the colder conditions of the past few months can still cause some wear and tear on your vehicle that needs to be addressed. This is the perfect time to schedule maintenance for your vehicle to ensure that it’s working properly for all your spring adventures!

Here are some tips to keep your car running smoothly this season and all year long!

Oil and oil filter.

Having your oil changed at the intervals recommended in your owner’s manual is one of the simplest ways to keep your engine running smoothly. Not having your oil and oil filter changed regularly can result in a variety of issues, including poor engine performance and higher fuel consumption.


When you have your oil and filter changed, make sure to have your fluids checked as well. This is part of a routine maintenance check at Dr. Automotive. Replacing fluids after a long winter can ensure that your vehicle will run smoothly throughout the whole season.

Wiper Blades

April showers bring May flowers! Make sure your wiper blades can handle all the rain this season by having them replaced now.


The pressure of your tires can fluctuate with the temperature. After a period of cold weather, it’s important to reinflate your tires to the PSI indicated in your owner’s manual. It’s also important to have your tires rotated and replaced if the tread on your tires has been worn down during the winter.

HVAC System

Since you probably didn’t use your vehicle’s air conditioner over the winter, it’s important to have it checked to make sure it’s running properly. If you have noticed a strange smell, or if the flow of air is not as cold or strong as it should be, have your system inspected and repaired before the weather gets too hot.

Just like you need to visit the doctor for regular check-ups, your vehicle also needs regular maintenance to make sure it is functioning properly. Take advantage of this season and have your vehicle serviced now so it can carry you safely into summer.