What does it mean when your check engine light is on? How can I get that annoying light off? Those are questions we here daily at our Smyrna auto repair shop. This is a common problem in today’s automotive world.

Any vehicle 1996 and newer has an updated on-board diagnostic system that takes a random survey of a number of items online lipitor. If the light comes on it means you have something failing somewhere on the vehicle.

A popular misconception is the light means your car needs some type of simple maintenance performed. Most of the time, it does not mean you just need an oil change or a new air filter.

Another wide spread wives’ tale is simply plugging up a diagnostic scan tool will tell you everything that is wrong with the vehicle. The scanner will determine the fault that has initiated the check engine light and can be used to gather very important data, but most of the time further testing of different sorts is required to accurately diagnose the problem.

At DR. Automotive we take great pride in determining the best solution for extinguishing that annoying light with your budget in mind.