It is finally starting to feel like fall here in Middle Tennessee! When the seasons change, we suggest that all of our customers bring their cars in for routine maintenance. The change in weather new seasons bring can dramatically affect the way your car runs. Spending some time in the shop now could prevent a flat tire or a broken heater from dampening your spirits on a fun, fall evening.

Here are a few things we check when doing routine maintenance for fall:

Tire Pressure:

When it starts getting cold outside your tire pressure naturally decreases. This is because lower temperatures condense the air and it takes up less space in the tire. Getting your tire pressure checked is a must this time of year if you want to prevent the unwelcome surprise of flat tires.

Wiper Blades:

Having effective wiper blades is especially important as precipitation increases in November and December. Wiper blades wear down and crack over time and broken or damaged wiper blades can be ineffective at keeping debris, snow, and water off your windshield.


A battery that is more than four years old may not work properly in the colder months. The battery gives power to the entire car—and if your battery has a draw on it or isn’t charging properly, you could wake up to an engine that won’t turn over.


As it gets chillier, your car heater becomes your best friend. But, as we all know, heaters and air conditioning in cars seem to go out just when we need them. Make sure your heater is up and running with a checkup from one of our experienced technicians.

The team at Dr. Automotive wants you and your family to have a great fall season and are committed to keeping your vehicles in tip-top condition. If you’re interested in getting your vehicle fall-ready, call (615) 220-0971 to set up an appointment.