How many of us plan on venturing out during football season? I think most plan a trip of some sort whether it be to a large stadium or simply across town to a friend’s house. When making out your gameplan, it all starts with transportation. Since tailgating is half the fun, making sure your portable grill and cooler have some solid wheels to get there is at the top of the list. Perhaps the biggest key to ensuring your vehicle will be running like an All-American is maintenance. The old saying of “pay me now or pay me later”, is about as true as a Peyton Manning pass. Taking the time to know your transportation is in top condition usually is not that time consuming. Given how hard we all push our vehicles in today’s fast-paced society, taking a time-out for a little TLC can certainly be beneficial. What would be worse, spending a couple of hours at DR useful content. Automotive on a Thursday, or watching your bratwurst spoil on the side of I-40 while all the Volunteer traffic hurtles by your broken automobile?

Belts, hoses, carbon buildup, and low fluids are just some of the demons that might cause you to be on the sidelines instead of in the action. Call DR. Automotive today (220-0971) or contact us here to schedule your checkup. Better to huddle before game day as we all know the importance of a nicely grilled pre-game meal.