Today one of the hot topics sweeping the nation is health care reform. Wait a minute…this is a car repair website. What’s the connection?

Being that we are Dr. Automotive, we feel as though we are a sector of the health care industry. (Don’t think the government is going to institute ideas our way, but that is just fine with us.) An automobile and the human body do have some similarities. They both have moving parts. Both contain fluids of different sorts. A “brain” controls some of the operations. And both are going to break down every now and then. Not to mention we all have been complimented at some time for our “machine-like” performance at something or another, right?

Does a healthy car help with our personal health? Normally it makes our mental outlook better as it takes another load off of our already overworked engine control unit. So now that we have established the relativity, let’s get to the reform.

Spiraling costs are perhaps the biggest issue present in health care. At Dr. Automotive we absolutely want to keep costs under control. Although we are not looking for a so-called “cheap fix” on one of the more vital parts of all of our lives, we are hoping to be cost effective in what we are doing. Because all of our dollars are a little tighter these days, a cookie cutter approach will not be taken when it comes to finding the cure for your car. Taking the time to figure out what works best for your situation will be in the best interest of us all.

Social Security is also another issue in health care. Making sure those a little longer in the tooth are cared for is a concern for everyone. Because most are looking to hold on to their car just a little longer these days, maintaining a somewhat older car has been at the forefront for a lot of people. A wellness program can be vital in these instances. New approaches have been allowing us to live longer and the same can be said for your car. Maintaining what you have can allow for less costly repairs.

What is the suggested plan for health care reform? As far as your car is concerned…See Dr. Automotive – give us a call today at 615-220-0971 or contact us here.