Winterizing your car is necessary to ensure you won’t run into any car troubles during the cold season. Between icy mornings and cold commutes, it is especially important to take extra care of your vehicle this time of the year. Here are a few tips to help you stay on top of your car’s maintenance this season:

1. Check windshield wipers.
Consider replacing your wipers if you notice your current ones are stiff, have cracks, or are leaving streaks on your windshield. If your car is parked outside before bad weather hits, lift the wipers off the windshield the night before to prevent them freezing to the glass. Pushing ice and snow off of your windshield can cause your wipers to weaken and break. Try using a brush and scraper to remove ice and snow from your windshield instead of your wipers. Also, don’t forget to refill your wiper fluid!

2. Take care of your battery.
Winter weather can weaken your car’s battery because it takes more power to start it up in cold temperatures. Have a mechanic test your battery to see if it will last. It may just need to be charged but if any defects are found, it is best to have your battery replaced. 

3. Check your tires or switch to winter tires.
Check out your tires’ tread and check for foreign objects, like nails, that may be stuck in your tire. Replace them if necessary. Cold weather can cause your tire’s pressure to drop, which can result in a flat. If you notice your tire is low, it is important to properly inflate them. If you have to drive in slippery conditions often, you should consider switching to a set of winter tires. 

4. Check your belts and hoses.
The belts and hoses that help your engine run can be weakened by cold temperatures. You don’t want a belt to snap while you’re driving, so check them for any signs of wear and tear. Have them replaced if needed. 

Take action this winter to protect your vehicle from unwanted issues. No one wants to be stranded out in the cold. Set up an appointment for your winter maintenance. In the Middle Tennessee area? Give Dr. Automotive a call at (615) 220-0971 and we will be sure you and your car are prepared to take on the winter weather.