We all know that most cars are depreciating assets. You always have to put money into them and never get back what you have invested. One place we always pump greenbacks in is at the gas station. With that in mind, a lot of people think cheap when they are fueling. After all, shouldn’t you try and cut your losses as much as possible?

If I can save some cents per gallon that makes me a smart investor…right?

Cheaper gas does not necessarily make a lot of sense. Given the fact that most cars on the road today are fuel injected, using a better grade of gasoline usually pays dividends in both performance and overall vehicle health. Cheaper gasolines, especially ones with ethanol will lower your fuel mileage. So the gas may be 10 cents cheaper a gallon, but if you lose 3 miles to the gallon, are you really saving money? Deposits from cheaper gasoline that dirty up the fuel system also can lower your fuel economy. The health of your fuel and exhaust systems may also be placed at risk by using cheaper gasolines. The catalytic convertor, which acts as the filter for your emissions system, can often times be harmed by fuel that is deficient. Being that the convertor is both integral and usually costly, maintaining it’s health is vital.

So what is the answer here? Of course using better gasoline is a start. Another recommendation is a fuel system service go now. Cleaning the fuel system is always a good thing. Carbon buildup in the throttle body and in fuel injectors definitely will inhibit the performance and fuel economy. The service will not only rid your car of harmful dirt, but also keep you from going to the pump as often.

So in summation, make sure your cents make sense when you are going to the pump!