Everyone likes to feel like they are special view it. That is kind of a broad term however, sort of like change (that is certainly another fish to fry), so how does this apply to car repair? People today are special for different reasons and so are their cars. It is difficult these days to find an all encompassing umbrella for anything because of the many unique circumstances that surround us all.

You may drive one type of automobile while your spouse or children have another. Does that mean each car needs a specialist? At DR. Automotive we have numerous qualifications that allow us to specialize in virtually all makes and models. Nissan repair is at the top of our list due to the master status of co-owner Randy Brewer. Also a master in Infiniti repair, Randy has years of Nissan/Infiniti experience. Jaguar repair is another one of the things we are very good at due to experience and scan tool specifics. BMW repair, Mercedes repair, Audi repair, and Saab repair also is heavy on our resume. Lexus repair, Toyota repair, Honda repair, and Acura repair are all on our list of accomplishments as “car-d-ologists”.

Obviously from the aforementioned vehicles it is clear that our import experience is quite detailed. Domestic vehicles, however due not need to be scratched from our patient list. Ford repair, Chevrolet repair, and Chrysler repair are things we do each and every day. A Chrysler specific scan tool and tons of experience are just some of what makes us qualified in the domestic repair world. To briefly summarize, no matter the vehicle, when you come to DR. Automotive a referral to a specialist is not needed.