Felt the financial squeeze? Think we all have felt a little juiced of late. Everyone these days is looking to be a little more conservative. With that in mind, most folks are wondering just how long they can continue to drive their existing vehicle. When is the right time to say when?

Some people develop a love affair with their automobile over the many moons of motoring behind the wheel. “Old Trusty” gets them where they want to go for years and they simply do not want to trade their comfort level for a higher priced mode of transportation. As we are well aware, all good things come to an end. So when do we decide to let “Trusty” park in someone else’s driveway?

Some simple mathematics and a little research can provide a qualified opinion. Search the market and find out what “Trusty” is worth. Now of course the market will not always determine the complete value of “Trusty” as only you know that. Then figure what you have spent on maintaining your beloved in the past year and divide that by 12. Also, add a little for any inconvenience your old friend has caused. Upon arriving at that figure, determine if you could replace your vehicle without incurring a lot of extra unwanted expense.

Now, let’s say you have not looked at the numbers and are unsure what to do. What is the answer then? How about a visit to a qualified car physician like DR. Automotive? As honest, hard working, individuals, the staff at DR. Automotive will provide you with an opinion as to the wheel-being of “Old Trusty”. In the past, we have advised a number of our customers in such matters with the understanding that each case is different lexapro price. If “Trusty” is in good shape at this time we also may provide some suggestions that will keep him (or her) rolling well into the future. That way you can try and squeeze out every mile possible.