Soaring temperatures can amplify the effects that daily driving has on your car. Summer car care should always be a priority. In fact, AAA sees an increase in the number of roadside assistance requests during the summer. Before you hit the road, consider these vehicle care tips:

  1. Keep your engine cool– Summer in the South can be sweltering. When the mercury rises, it impacts the temperature of your engine. An overheated motor is the number one cause of breakdowns in the summer. If you see symptoms of an overheated engine- the temperature gauge rising, warning lights, and steam coming out from under the hood- pull over to a safe place, turn off the engine and wait a half an hour for the engine to cool down completely before opening the hood. If the coolant levels are low (the translucent plastic tank) topping off could be answer. However, if the tank is empty you may have sprung a leak and will need pro help.
  2. Air Conditioning– It’s miserable to have your car’s air conditioner fail in the middle of summer. Get your car’s AC inspected by a certified technician now to see if it will be ready when the summer temps hit.
  3. Oil Change– If your summer adventures include a long road trip, frequent short trips or towing a boat/camper your oil change frequency should be adjusted. Follow your car manuals elevated maintenance schedule.

Whether you’re taking a road trip or simply driving around town this summer, the certified technicians at Dr. Automotive in Smyrna can take care of your auto maintenance needs.