Winter is upon us once again. Scraping ice off the windows, frigid commutes to work or school, it is important that your car be in top condition to make sure you can make it safely to your destination. A few tips to prepare for when winter is at its peak.


  1. Check your wipers. Wiper blades can get weak and break apart over time, and the strain of an icy or snowy windshield might be too much for them to handle. If they look dry and rough, replace them with some quality Mighty brand wipers!
  2. Check your coolant level. Two major issues with your coolant this time of year. One, you must be sure you have the proper antifreeze levels in your system to avoid your coolant freezing and causing huge engine problems, like a cracked block. Two, if your coolant level is low you aren’t getting circulation to things like your heater core, therefore you are likely to have a poorly working heater system inside your car. Allowing an experienced tech to inspect your cooling system and heater is a wise decision to avoid future problems.
  3. The battery is one of the most basic components of today’s automobile, but also is one of the most vital. Battery issues can result in a plethora of problems in today’s power–dependent, heavily integrated cars and trucks. Weather extremes can quickly kill a weakened battery. Often times there will be no warning signs. One time it turns your car over, the next time it will not. A weakened battery will also create performance issues and a check engine light in newer vehicles with more integration. Having your battery tested is normally a quick and painless process. Nobody wants to go out in the cold to a car that will not start, so have your battery tested before trouble strikes.


Don’t neglect your car this winter; let us at DR Automotive do a thorough inspection before you attack the winter roads this season!