People often ask what regular maintenance is needed to keep their vehicle running at its best. While there are many items on that routine maintenance checklist, such as oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations, one of the most important things to check are your brakes. Your brakes keep you and others safe while on the road and are your vehicle’s most vital safety feature.

It can be a tremendous burden on customers when their car doesn’t start, and it can be highly frustrating when your only mode of transportation fails you. If your car won’t start, that is a problem. However, if your car won’t stop, that is a bigger problem. Bad brakes or worn-down brake pads are a safety issue and can be very dangerous for you and your loved ones.

You should have your brakes checked about twice a year, and if you are a more aggressive driver, you may consider having them checked more often. For your convenience, this task can be done during your seasonal maintenance checks or when your oil is changed.

We at Dr. Automotive want you and your family to be safe on the road. Driving with bad brakes can effectively be compared to driving without seatbelts…but worse. The effectiveness of your brakes affects you and your family’s well-being and the safety of other drivers on the road.

Don’t forget to give yourself some brakes! The team at Dr. Automotive is here to help you with your automotive repair needs. If you need brake or brake pad replacement, call 615-220-0971 or stop by our shop at 1205 Hazelwood Drive in Smyrna.