It is time for those famous words to be echoing in our ears. “It’s football time in Tennessee”.

Most everybody in these here parts have some ties to football. Whether you are a fan, fanatic, coach, or official, you have got to love this time of year. The “tailgating” tradition here in the South ranks right there with Sunday dinner at grandma’s house. Meeting up for “the big game” to get in the spirit is of the utmost importance for all of us. Whether it be in the stadium parking lot or just at a friend’s house before watching the battle on the big screen, the pre-game is very important. But what is more important than the before party is getting to the before party.

As we prepare to kick off the 2010 fun of football season, is your transportation prepared to run like a Tennessee tailback? While on the highway, will it pass as if it were a Florida flinger? Let’s face it, car problems are never any fun. But if it happens on the way to a football game, it can be catastrophic. So with that in mind, before heading out, part of the prepatory checklist needs to include vehicle concerns. In fact, car maintenance should rank ahead of charcoal, grill, hot dogs, and a blanket.

With all of this in mind, perhaps arranging a quick huddle with the football friendly folks at DR. Automotive should be in your gameplan.