Throughout summer people tend to travel more. Dr. Automotive wants you to have fun this summer and stay safe. Here are some tips for not letting an accident ruin your fun:

  1. Do Not Text and Drive
  2. Use a hands-free headset for phone calls
  3. Do Not Drink and Drive
  4. Do Not Eat and Drive
  5. Pay special attention to pedestrians and bicyclists- particularly in tourist towns and big cities they can pop up out of nowhere and surprise you. Give them right of way at intersections and crosswalks. A little patience and everyone can enjoy their summer vacations.
  6. Pay special attention for motorcycles and mopeds- Always double check before changing lanes, backing up or opening car doors when parked on the roadside.
  7. Clear window visibility- make sure that not only are your windows clean, but that you don’t have luggage, clothes or any debris blocking your windows.
  8. Adjust your mirrors- remove as many blind spots as possible.

Dr. Automotive is here to make sure your car is ready for summer travel. Come in and see our certified technicians prior to hitting the road to make sure your vehicle is ready. Your car will thank you.