As the leaves begin to fall and the temperature begins to drop, your vehicle maintenance becomes more important. Proper seasonal maintenance can save you money in repairs down the road, and can help increase your vehicle’s trade-in value. Furthermore, regular maintenance can keep you safe and prevent dangerous accidents.

To prevent costly repairs and ensure the proper function of your vehicle, follow these simple guidelines this fall:

Early Fall:

  • Engine Check: Have a professional technician check your engine and give it a full tune-up as outlined in your owner’s manual.
  • Brake Check: Don’t delay brake maintenance. Faulty brakes can cost you in the long run and are a major safety hazard. Get your brakes checked regularly by a professional.
  • Get an oil change: Proper oil levels and condition are vital to the function of your engine. Regular oil changes become more important especially as the seasons change.

Mid to Late Fall

  • Battery Check: A battery older than four years may not work properly as the temperature continues to drop. Check the date on your battery and ensure it is working properly.
  • Filters, coolants and hoses: Make sure your oil, gas and air filters are all in good condition. Have your heater checked and ensure your defroster is working as well. Have a technician check for leaky or soft hoses and replace them as needed.
  • Emergency kit: Assemble a cold weather emergency kit with matches, blankets, water and flashlights.

Late Fall

  • Tire pressure: As the weather cools, the air pressure in your tires decreases. Ensure proper inflation, but don’t over-inflate, as this can cause traction issues in icy weather.
  • Ice equipment: Make sure you have a window scraper handy in your car, as well as tire chains if heavy snow or ice is expected.
  • Vehicle warm-up: Allow your car to idle for a seconds before driving in cold weather. Drive slowly while your oil is heating up and watch for ice and snow on the road.

Don’t wait until it is too cold outside. Proper maintenance today can save you money down the road. Give us a call today!