Spending is not a great way to save money. Yes, when we see something on sale and buy it, we don’t spend as much as we normally would have and proudly exclaim to our cohorts “but I saved when I bought it”. However, if you didn’t really need the item, were you really saving?

Here is a case in point when it comes to saving on one of the most valuable assets in most lives…your automobile.

Recently at DR sites. Automotive a fine young man brought his 2002 Ford Mustang GT in to our shop. “My check engine light is on and I can not get that thing to go off,” he exclaimed. “I have already spent close to s300 on this thing and it is still coming on.”

Upon making a few inquiries, he admitted that in effort to “save money” he had gone to an auto parts house and gotten a “free” diagnostic test done. Upon pulling up the failures present, the parts supplier provided him with a list of potential causes and advised him to start buying components. After his first try did not produce the desired results, they advised him to buy something else to try. With his pockets much lighter and check engine light still on, the bewildered young man decided to visit DR. Automotive.

A quick examination of our newly found patient revealed the same trouble codes the young man had been battling all along. Further diagnostics revealed the root issue and the Mustang GT was actually cured for less than s100.

“I didn’t have a lot of money to spend and wasn’t sure who to trust,” says Brandon McCoy of Smyrna. “Now, when I have car problems I know what to do.”

Before venturing into the unknown world of car repair, perhaps consulting a Doctor would help in your effort to save.