Although the weather is slowly warming, we’re not out of the woods yet when it comes to winter threats to our vehicles. Between cold commutes and icy mornings, it’s especially important to take extra care of your vehicle this time of year. Here are a few tips to help you stay on top of your car’s maintenance this month:

1. Check your wipers.
Wiper blades can get weak and fragile and break apart over time. The strain of pushing ice and snow off your windshield can be too much for your wipers at times. Take a look at your wipers. If they look dry and rough, replace them with new, quality blades.

2. Check your coolant level.
Make sure you have the proper antifreeze levels in your system to avoid your coolant freezing and causing engine problems such as a cracked block. Also, if your coolant level is too low, you aren’t getting circulation to things like your heater core, causing your car’s heating system to not work properly. Allow an experienced technician to inspect your cooling system and heater in order to avoid future problems.

3. Take extra care of your battery.
Your vehicle’s battery is one of the most basic, but most vital, components of your car. Battery issues can cause multiple problems throughout your vehicle. Extreme weather conditions can quickly kill a weakened battery with little to no warning. A weakened battery can also create performance issues or cause your engine light to come on. Having your battery tested is a simple process, but it can save you several headaches in the long run. Have your battery tested by a professional before any trouble strikes.

Take action this winter to protect your vehicle from unwanted issues. There is nothing worse than a broken down car in the middle of winter. Save yourself the trouble and have your vehicle professionally serviced today!