If you live in Smyrna, Murfreesboro, or LaVergne, you’ve already experienced some seriously cold middle Tennessee weather this year lexapro pill. With more than 3 months remaining in the winter season we can expect more winter weather to wreak havoc on our automobiles.

The thought of being stranded in inclimate conditions can be quite frightening. Weather extremes often cause potential problems to come to the forefront. Will your car start in freezing conditions or is the battery on the verge of failure? How about the condition of the drive belts, hoses, or cooling system? Does your heat work as well as it should? The answer to these questions is quite simple…Don’t risk it!

See DR. Automotive for a winter checkup. Whether it be flushing your coolant system, replacing worn belts and hoses or installing a new Interstate battery, DR.Automotive has the cure for those potential cold weather blues.

Call us at 615-220-0971, contact us here or come by our repair shop at 1205 Hazelwood Drive, in Smyrna.